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LTE Advanced, Sprint’s best network to date.

Do everything you already do – just faster than before.

With up to 2X faster speeds than before, extended coverage and great reliability, LTE Advanced is our newest 4G network.

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Compared to Sprint 4G LTE. Requires capable device.

LTE Advanced technologies can include:

Carrier Aggregation (CA)

Combines multiple channels of bandwidth to create the effect of one big channel for more data to pass through.

4×4 MIMO

Adds more antennas in a mobile device to create more connections, to allow even more data to pass through than before.

256 QAM High Order Modulation

Provides a 33% increase in the amount of data bits that can be squeezed onto the signal.

*To experience LTE Advanced, you must have an LTE Advanced capable device, have your software up to date and be within a covered area.