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Dedicated IoT Core

supporting high speed LTE and narrowband LPWA connectivity

Global IoT vision

Our overall vision for global IoT is to create the optimal operating environment for the future — an environment where everything can be connected.  It includes:

  • An access network dedicated to IoT that delivers secure, low-latency connectivity and an architecture that’s ready for edge computing
  • An operating system for IoT that manages the secure interaction of the device with our customers’ IT systems
  • Digital distribution, making plug-and-go IoT solutions available for everyone
  • Vertical IoT solutions developed in collaboration with the SoftBank group


IoT devices are often battery powered, and replacing batteries isn’t always convenient. That’s why more and more of them are low-power and low-cost. In fact, very low-speed, low-cost devices are as important to IoT applications as faster speeds are to smartphones and video.

Narrowband LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network services with affordable devices and connectivity will help enable solutions never seen before in IoT.

  • Cat M1 — Affordable, low speed, low power (available 2018)
  • NB-IoT — Very affordable, very low speed, low power (available 2019)

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