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Some things are changing.

As you may have heard, we’re now part of T-Mobile® for Business — and we think it’s fantastic. Together, we’re committed to transforming the wireless industry for good.

Strong, dependable network connectivity has never been more critical to businesses or to the country. The combined company is focused on creating a much-needed transformational nationwide 5G network, driving innovation in the U.S., and bringing wireless access to people and businesses throughout the country.

This quantum leap forward can only be achieved by using the T-Mobile and Sprint combined low-, mid- and high-spectrum bands — and only T-Mobile will have the resources to do it quickly.

We’ll have more towers, more engineers and more bandwidth than ever before, all to give you unmatched value with the best affordable solution.

Combined Companies Sprint and T-Mobile is focused on creating a much-needed transformational nationwide 5G network

Our commitment to you is the same.

We’re fine-tuning to better serve you, but what hasn’t changed is that we’re still here to support you, as always.

You may notice changes to this website. You can still use the top navigation menu to visit pages on this site. If you’re looking for any of these solutions, click the links below to visit the T-Mobile for Business site:

If you’re looking for Government solutions or resources — don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered. You can use the links above to find specific solutions on the T-Mobile for Business site, or visit T-Mobile for Government.

Schools and libraries: find the E-rate program, or Universal Service Schools and Libraries Discount Mechanism. California schools, libraries, and public health and education organizations: find information on the California Teleconnect Fund.

If you’re not finding what you need, please get in touch with us. Remember you can speak with Sprint Care at 800-927-2199 or T-Mobile for Business Sales at 844-428-9675 any time. We’ll be here, ready to help.

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