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Choose your own tech path Secure, productive mobility

With bring-your-own device (BYOD) as the new norm, rely on Sprint to help you manage your device strategy without compromising on control, security, compliance or productivity.

Enterprise FlexibilityFlexibility

When people bring their own devices, they’re also bringing their own service plans from their own preferred providers.

That’s why we have carrier-agnostic services that can play nice with other wireless carriers.

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Multiline SD WANMultiline SD WANMultiline SD WAN


BYOD can be a boon for both employees and businesses. But it comes with challenges. Sprint Business is here to help, with our new MultiLine BYOD solution.

And with MultiLine, manage company-owned phone numbers with voice and text you can deploy on employees’ personal smartphones, right alongside — but separated from — their personal number, voice, text and apps.

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Enabling enterprise-level BYOD doesn’t mean the end of enterprise-level support.

With Sprint Bend-Over-Backward Support™, you get a single point of contact, a dedicated account team manager, and in-region account, service and engineering support.

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Here’s one of the big dilemmas companies face with BYOD policy: how do we balance employees’ freedom and privacy with the security demands of our business?

Sprint Business offers solutions that enable your enterprise to isolate and protect your business interests, minimizing security risk, when work is done via employee devices that are part of your BYOD program.

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