How has technology shaped the way C&C employees work in the office and the field?

We’ve adapted to a more mobile and tech savvy workforce. Instead of going to an office each morning, our drivers are reporting directly to job sites, or to clients, or they work from home. Accessing our systems remotely allows employees to get more done, is a better fit for them, and boosts motivation.

How do you keep your field employees engaged with the mission and purpose of your business?

We routinely meet with our field teams to understand what they’re doing and how their actions promote C&C Group’s mission and values. Being more mobile is great for efficiency, but it can affect team camaraderie. Once each quarter we get everyone from all of our offices together for a webcast to discuss where we are, where we’re going, and the actions needed to get there. Mobility is crucial, but you also must conduct face-to-face meetings or we’ll lose the sense of family that is important here at C&C.

Now that telematics is bringing together information from the driver, the vehicle, and the office, how are you leveraging that data?

We’ve used the data in a variety of productive ways, such as leveraging telematics to reduce idling time and to track maintenance. We use data in a good-spirited way to turn habitual offenders into model drivers. Our monthly “telematics report card” determines who in our driver group scores the best and they get a prize.

How do you feel the availability of this data, and your ability to work with it, is reshaping C&C?

The data makes our fleet drivers safer and more efficient. Fleet owners used to not care about idling because there was no way to track it. Today we’re tracking it to improve operations. We’re also safer because habitual offenders now strive for the best report card in the company and are much more cautious about speed. These behaviors add up to a more efficient fleet and lower insurance bills for C&C.

How do you see fleet technology further improving C&C’s products, services, customer service and employee engagement?

Employee engagement has been good. As far as improving our products and services, I want the telematics to be more customer-facing, to allow customers to see, in real time, where their C&C Group technician is so they can better plan for his or her arrival. Lots of our technicians are called out to emergencies, so having the extra comfort of seeing exactly where the tech is lets the client plan for their arrival. There is no more guessing when they’ll arrive.

If you were to look further out into the future, how would you see the management of your fleet changing? What role would technology play?

Like many of the devices we use at C&C, vehicles will become more connected. Managing that data smartly, quickly, and effectively will be the key. As mobile technology advances, employees will accomplish more in their vehicles. This new technology-dependent style will boost the efficiency of the service industry and the lives of workers. It’s a very different company from when my father started it in 1974.

About Chad Cillessen

Chad Cillessen is Chief Information Officer of C&C Group, the Kansas-based provider of facilities services such as building automation, security, and fire protection.
Since 1974 C&C Group has become a leading facility services provider for Kansas City and the entire Midwest by targeting your administration, security, human resources, and IT staffs with technology and services that allow you to concentrate on your core business, not just day-to-day operations.