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| Donna Mahony Who to follow: Isaac Sacolick – author, top 100 social CIO, and agile innovator


Isaac Sacolick is something of a jack of all (digital) trades – author, consultant, CIO, and agile innovator.

Having previously held CIO roles at the likes of Greenwich Associates, McGraw Hill Construction and BusinessWeek, Sacolick now offers a broad range of consulting services – including expertise on digital strategy, product development and agile transformation – as StarCIO.

Where to find him: follow Sacolick on LinkedIn, or follow his feed on Twitter.


Why should you follow him?

Recognized as a leading social CIO by the likes of STEM, HuffPost and Forbes, Isaac Sacolick is also a successful entrepreneur with expertise across a range of digital domains.

In his role as Global CIO and Managing Director at Greenwich Associates, Sacolick led digital transformation initiatives to develop new data products and drive subscription revenue and established business intelligence platforms to transform the firm’s analytics and data delivery capabilities. He also launched an agile transformation project across six development and operational teams and established firm-wide project portfolio and innovation practices.

A proven leader in digital transformation, innovation, agile practices and data science programs, Sacolick’s transformative strategies have also made him a highly respected, in-demand voice at industry events.

Dive a little deeper

His new book, “Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology” marks Sacolick’s foray into book publishing. His book shares insights like, the lessons he’s learned as a CIO about what is driving customer needs and expectations, and how to create digital strategies that engage employees and transform programs and companies.

At, you’ll find a plethora of upcoming events that Sacolick will be speaking at -– including an insightful talk at the Landmark CIO Summit regarding his  new book.

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