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| Donna Mahony Who to follow: Kristine Dery – Tech Thought Leader at MIT Sloan School of Management

When it comes to the digital workplace and the technology that drives it, Kristine Dery is a passionate voice helping build and enhance research at the Center for Information Systems at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Where to find her: Follow @kristinedery

Why should you follow her?

As a trusted thought leader on workplace mobility, emerging digital strategies and e-HRM, Dery offers grounded yet cutting insights into today’s employee experiences and the technology that shapes and molds the workplace.

Her expertise has also seen her present leading talks on redefining the digital employee experience for Unwired Ventures, and critical research into workplace connectivity for

Dive beneath the surface

Dery’s original insights can also be found in the following articles on locating talent, digital recruitment strategy, and the changes needed to bring more women into IT:

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