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| Donna Mahony Who to follow: Jacob Morgan – best-selling author, keynote speaker and futurist


Exploring the future of work and employee experience


Jacob Morgan is a frequent keynote speaker and the author of three best-selling books focused on creating workplaces and cultures that attract talent and provide exceptional employee experiences.

He is also the co-founder of The Future of Work Community, a global innovation council bringing together the world’s most forward-thinking organizations to explore the new world of work.

Where to find him: Follow @jacobm or visit Jacob’s website for podcasts, YouTube videos, articles and more at

Why should you follow him?

Jacob has focused on studying and highlighting the types of employee experiences that make entire organizations more productive, valuable, attractive, innovative, and profitable.

Most recently, his work has focused on the future of the workplace and the role technology can play in shaping employee experiences.

Jacob has researched more than 250 organizations to uncover the things employees value most, and how technology can help provide them.

The latest from Jacob…

Jacob’s most recent book, The Employee Experience Advantage, looks at how you can give employees the workplaces they want, the tools they need, and the culture they crave – and how doing these things can give you a considerable advantage.

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