Whether you enjoy listening on your commute, at work, or even in the shower, podcasts are a fantastic way to keep up with the latest industry trends and insights.

But like most forms of consumable media, the number of podcasts to choose from can be overwhelming. To save you the hassle of finding the right podcast – we’ve sifted through the fluff, spotlighting three podcasts on business transformation we believe are worth your time.

Podcast #1
CXOTALK: Automation, AI, and Business with Michael Chui and David Bray

In Episode 219 of the excellent CXOTalk podcast, we’re treated to an inspiring chat between CXO’s Michael Kigsman, David A. Bray, CIO at the Federal Communications Commission, and McKinsey Partner Michael Chui.

Bray and Chui explore the transformative power of data and automation, drawing on their own professional experiences as two world experts.

Bray, named one of the “24 Americans who are changing the world” by Business Insider in 2016, offers invaluable advice for fellow CIOs.

Delving into Bray’s recent history at the FCC, we learn how he overcame legacy and human barriers – cutting all on-premises IT systems in less than two years – ultimately yielding significant savings for the commission.

Likewise, Chui offers a fascinating exploration of AI and machine learning, bringing practical advice to the table that CIOs can use to drive innovation, research and wider business understanding.

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Podcast #2
McKinsey & Company: How IT can drive agile development

The ever-reliable McKinsey podcast delivers practical advice for CIOs looking to create a more agile operating model.

Joined by Santiago Comella-Dorda and Gerard Speksnijder, authors of “An Operating Model for Company-Wide Agile Development,” host Roberta Fusaro takes a 20-minute deep dive into how large, complex companies can become more agile by drawing inspiration from startups and digital-native organizations.

This is a superb resource for CIOs looking to kickstart their agile journey, apply agile at scale, and identify the roadblocks that stop them from innovating.

Great chemistry and expert insights from Comella-Dorda and Speksnijder make this a worthwhile listen for any agile-hungry CIO.

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Podcast #3
IDG TechTalk: The Big Pivot Podcast on Digital Transformation

The Big Pivot is a newly launched podcast series by IDG TechTalk. In episode one, host Rob O’Regan joins Graeme Thompson, CIO and SVP of Informatica.

In this 10-minute discussion, Thompson makes the case for why the CIO role is pivoting due to data-driven transformation.

Delving into his own experiences at Informatica, Thompson reflects on the need to prepare for change, and the advantages and challenges this brings.

He explains how legacy barriers were overcome by fostering cloud, big data and other technology to create competitive advantage and new revenue avenues and to drive customer success.

Blunt and engaging, Thompson offers valuable insight for CIOs looking to create a real impact on how their businesses grow, transform and empower staff.

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