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Top 5 Data Loss Prevention Practices

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Who to follow: Jonathan Reichental – CIO of Palo Alto, CA

The industries of the future by Alec Ross: book review

| Christopher Stark

Top 5 Data Loss Prevention Practices

Despite all the bad cybersecurity news you see weekly – even daily – and despite all the clear risks, security unfortunately is still not a top concern for many businesses. But it needs to be. Although every organization needs a security policy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every company is different, with unique applications and…

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| Joseph Martin

Is 2017 the year for Mobile UC?

Bloggers, experts, analysts and enthusiasts say this is the likely year when mobile Unified Communications (UC) really takes off. The adoption of the cloud, API development, and simplified integration are all improvements that are making mobile UC easier to implement and manage, as well as creating a more user-friendly UC experience – all critical to…

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| Mohamad Nasser

eSIMs Will Have Starring Role in IoT

The SIM card, that foundation of the phones and other devices we all use, is about to undergo some big changes. Those changes, driven by the needs of the advancing IoT ecosystem, will transform the way we think about SIMs. Already in limited commercial use are eSIMs, (the e is for “embedded”) units that have…

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| Linda Eastridge-Jordan

Internet of Things – a snapshot guide

Today IoT can be likened to the state of the web in 1997. People were becoming familiar with websites, but the power of the web had barely been tapped. Very few people were using it for shopping, banking, medical records and all the other ways that are commonplace today. We had to experience it for…

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| Joe Hamblin

The true cost of lost and stolen devices

Phishing emails, insider attacks, ransomware, and DDoS assaults are among every CIO’s top-of-mind security threats. But, the cost of lost or stolen devices is often underestimated. To appreciate the impact of lost or stolen devices, consider how often they result in a data breach. According to Bitglass’ research, it’s larger than other often-discussed security threats:…

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| Bob Bennett

For cities, the future looks smart

If Kansas City isn’t the smartest city in America, it’s right up there, thanks to an innovative “smart zone” it created along a new streetcar line that has helped revitalize the downtown area. Our smart city initiative had its roots in 2012, with a forward-looking plan that included a 2.2-mile streetcar line designed to incorporate…

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| Lyle Paczkowski

The coming virtual network

You may have heard talk about the “Third Network.” But what you won’t see is anyone digging trenches for Third Network fiber or putting up new Third Network towers. That’s because you can’t really touch the Third Network. It doesn’t, and won’t exist in the physical sense. In fact, maybe we shouldn’t even call it…

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