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The Ecosystem Economy is here.

Three big ideas to help you thrive.

Business used to be relatively self-contained. Today, every business is part of a value-creating ecosystem. This deep inter-connectedness demands new thinking about networks, collaboration and secure communications, and new ways to connect people, places and things.

It’s not about tech for its own sake. It’s about your ability to respond to the challenges of change, complexity and competition.

Introducing Capability™, Certainty℠ and Curiosity™ – three converged portfolios of innovative wireless, wireline and IoT services. Bringing you unlimited potential to connect people, places and things in your new ecosystem.


Secure, orchestrated solutions

If the world stood still, your business could too. It won’t. New competitors, technologies, regulations, threats and opportunities slam into your business every day, from every direction. And the convergence of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT will accelerate new ecosystems, exposing new challenges.

The good news. Our Capability portfolio leverages these technologies to deliver the orchestration, flexibility, speed and above all the security your business needs to flourish in the new economy.

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A new network design model

Dynamic, digital businesses need dynamic networks that can handle rapidly changing, unpredictable application demand – at the edge of your networks, at the core, everywhere in between and anywhere in the world. You need visibility, control, and agility, along with full reliability, because networks must adapt, flex and grow as needs change.

Introducing Certainty, an intelligent approach to multi-layer network diversity to provide guaranteed network availability and maximum application performance.

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A fresh approach to IoT

We believe the Internet of Things will improve how people live, businesses operate and society evolves. With Curiosity, we’ve built a fully dedicated, virtualized and distributed Core network, OS, and innovative portfolio of custom and packaged solutions to help your business turn data into actionable intelligence.

We bring together entire ecosystems, and bridge technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics and edge computing to design the ideal solution – and help your business seize its biggest opportunities.

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